Online Dating and the Therapist?

I haven’t been here in a long time. So much has happened; I’ll have to pace myself to catch up. Today’s rant is about Online Dating and the Therapist. Let me start by saying I really like my therapist; but she has convinced; at least herself; that I need a man and that will cure-all of my ills. So, it is with this thought in mind that, I have embarked into the world of online dating with my therapist leading the charge.  therapist

This is more than a little weird to me. We should be discussing my issues. My lack of motivation. The reasons why I’m still fat. How about why I always get to work late? My apartment is a mess; let’s discuss that. I hear negative feedback in my head all of the time. I am ambitious and near about lazy at the same time. Let’s not even discuss the number of pills that I am taking. Procrastination fights me for the front seat of my life almost everyday. I feel bereft and without purpose; “a wondering generality” as Zig Ziglar would say. How do I get past myself to the better parts of my life. When does this madness end! I really think we have enough to discuss sans the dating websites but what do we talk about; you got it, the dating websites.

I’ve met a few people. Not the scum of the earth but certainly not love at first sight.I’m still wondering lost and aimless but at least these people do not know that; not yet anyway. What can I say about therapy? I am not sure if I should recommend her to

Sally and Doug had met online and were proving to be very compatible...
Sally and Doug had met online and were proving to be very compatible…

someone or not. You know what I mean? Here I am paying every week for service just to be told that I need to get out and have a life. Is it really that simple? It doesn’t feel that simple and the trolling on the websites is tiresome if not depressing. Wait, I’m already depressed. This is not helping. However, I have discovered that she is better at writing to these people than I would ever be. Most of my message she dictates. A couple of times I’ve wanted to tell people, the one who wrote the message is not the one you’re talking to; let me introduce you to her. I would be pretentious and say she is living vicariously through me but she is a widow with a boyfriend. I should be looking through a window to her life, I think. The sessions are helpful in some ways but not as much as I would like. Is it time for a new therapist or is she on the right track?

In the meantime I’m still working on these websites; meeting people whom I may never see. Learning not to be so frank; scared off a few that way. Learning to enjoy life; I’m not so sure about that. I am convinced there are more chapters in this story. I’ll try to come back and relay some of them here. Stay tuned.