Hello World,

I am a young woman, I think, 30ish; single and living in the deep South. I’m having a career crisis and an identity crisis. I can tell you what jobs I don’t want next but I can not tell you what I do want. I am certain that I have lived the last 7 to 8 years of my life afraid of making a mistake; but I am not sure which mistake I am afraid of making. Certainly, it doesn’t help that I have made all kinds of financial and personal mistakes all along the way. I guess I was able to overlook those just as long as I didn’t make THE MISTAKE. I am going to therapy sessions (The Sessions), taking some of the best pharmaceuticals, and I have finally achieved the state of getting out of bed everyday. Oh wait, I was already doing that. Well, I have seen some improvement, my appetite is back, not that it really left. I have changed my wardrobe colors from ONE color (black) to TWO colors (black and whatever other color is clean). I have stopped having to crawl over my dirty laundry to go to bed and I have finally decided it is better to wash than to buy new when I can’t find anything clean to wear. My Doctors are telling me that getting a pet would be great company and therapy in itself.  I know I want a dog and as soon as I figure out which one; I’ll try not to buy a handbag (Handbag Love) or any other trinket that month…We’ll see.


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