Praying with My Fingers

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Can you remember the last time you actually prayed? If I told you that sometimes I can’t would that make me a sinner even worse than I am? There are sometimes when I feel like so many things are happening or not happening at such a rate all I can do is sit there. I stare at walls, phones, computer screens even empty sheets of paper and still nothing.   

 Sometimes, I find that I am able to bang out something on the keyboard and I am hoping that the Omnipotent One likes the internet as much as we do. I’ve sent prayer request to people who I have seen and even some that I haven’t seen. I don’t that it works but when I really put my heart into it, I think I feel a difference…Sort of like a lifting  of a burden.           

So today, I had such a moment and after driving to Chick-Fil-A for my Lemon Pie fix; I cam back to my laptop at work and here is some of what I came up with…      

First, I am thankful that the problems I have are nothing compared to the problems of so many in the world today. I’m upset in most part because I can’t get my way. My way is not bad; it’s just not top priority on everyone’s list. Even though my way may seem of the utmost importance to me. somebody else’s way is definitely more important to them.  I have lost my impetus to lose weight.While I am on my rant, it doesn’t  feel fair that folks who resent people with an education are usually the folks who want to be able to tell those people with an education what to do. However, I resent even more the fact that those thoughts come to my mind at all.           

All joking aside, I wish health for myself and my family. I ask for peace for all that work on my campus. I also asked that those whose toes I may have stepped on; know me for the person I am and realize that I meant them no harm.          

I even asked for a blessing on the computer equipment in my room and the same blessings on all the hands that must touch said equipment. While I was at it, I threw in a plug for a companion. I would love for my companion to be Michael Ealy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. By the way, be sure to check out “Takers” it’s an awesome action flick with a few interesting plot twist.      

 Find out More About the Movie “Takers” at the Internet Movie Database.      

Chris Brown and Michael Ealy in Takers


 I can be silly and serious, sexy and surly,charismatic and close to comatose, a fashionista or more like a frumpy pizza, a great friend or at least a pretty good pet rock and I need for people to see me; as me, not as the enemy, not as one they can best, not intimidating or too much of a good girl; but me. I am princess, just like all the other women around me. I am good enough, even better than I have to be and I would appreciate some cooperation with this divine plan that is for me.  Stop trying to block my blessing; and get in line so you can get yours next. 

  Oh Yes, and of course; All these things, I ask in the name of the Omnipotent One. Amen.           



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