I Will…

Institute of Mental Health 3, Nov 06
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I will be spending more quality time with my family instead mourning their loss, though years away, through “maltreated” depression. 

I will manage my emotions instead of allowing them to manage me 

I will hold my head high; even after I make a mistake because I am only human 

 I will remind all people that your mental health is just as, if not more important, than your physical well-being. 

I will learn to love my body the way it is, until I get to the way it should be. 

I will find another outlet for frustration and sadness other than food. 

I will start today deciding today not to let everything that doesn’t go my way annoy me. 

I will work to balance my checkbook and not chase it down into overdraft land. 

I will stop letting others issues become my probably and if  I am your friend, act like it. 

I will find out what out what I want to do when I grow up someday and until then I won’ worry about it. 

I will become a better friend. 

I will do things afraid and on purpose. 

I will blog and write in my journal more often. 

I will stop letting anything and anyone frustrate me and at best I definitely won’t let them see me sweat. 

I will read for pleasure. 

Here are some things I commit that I Will do today? What about YOU. What Will You Do? 


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