I Am This Old and I Still Don’t Know Any Better…

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
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When I am going to learn. It really is like my father always said…”Everyone is not like you.”   

I am by no means an exhibit of walking perfection, per say. However, sometimes I look at some of the folks around me and I wonder. Do I act like that when I ‘m not looking…I guess I probably do. That means I look just as foolish as they do and I have not one friend who will tell me. What a shame.  I have to get some better friends; or perhaps it is incumbent upon me to become a better friend myself. Perhaps even to become a better friend to myself.  Now there’s a concept.   

I still have been unable to measure how much I really like me and therein  lies a part of the problem.  They say  that “You are  your own worst enemy”.  In some instances that is so easy to see.  Most people are their harshest critic and I know I berate myself for little mistakes that few people often see but that I never miss. I would like to think I am reasonably intelligent and NOT hard on the eyes when you look at me straight on. There’s usually not a shortage of conversation when I am around but I am not loud and certainly wouldn’t call myself the like of the party. I look at myself more like that the nice friend that you invite to dinner to make the number even. That’s important right. Is that the way people who want to stay single think…  

I think I am pretty cool person when it comes to others, but how am I to me.  Is it also true that you can’t be a better friend to someone else than you are to yourself? I really want  to find out that this saying is a small white lie because when I began looking at me; I feel like I have a long way to go…  


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