I am at Word Camp Dallas, Right Now!

WordCamp Dallas

I am so amazed, I am sitting in Frisco City Hall listening to great speakers telling me how to improve this blog. I just listened to the guy that helped jumped this whole thing off, Matt Mullenweg, talk about the new improvements that are on the way for later in 2008. I have wanted to increase my readership, but I’ve been neglectful of my little blog. I really like reading other people’s but I have yet to get a real handle on my own.

I bought a book by Lorelle from Lorelle on WordPress. How cool is that I have her on my blog role and now I have gotten to meet her in person and even purchase some of her wisdom. I aspire to be like several of these men and women that I am sitting next to today. I suspect that my excitement for my own blog will increase and I already have some ideas for my next posts.

I can only multi task so many things at a time so I am going back to listening to John P, doing my homework and wondering what’s for lunch.  


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