Now What?

It has been quite a while since I have written a post. I usually become quite tight lipped and apparently stiff fingered when I am really stressed. So, here is what recently happened on the job front. I received a pretty good preliminary evaluation. However, there were a couple of items that I wanted to know more about so that I could get them up to par. I saw the principal who gave me the evaluation and just tapped on her door and asked if I could speak with her briefly. She was friendly, in a hurry but she agreed to give me a few minutes of her time. Those few minutes have honestly changed the rest of my life. As we were talking she asked about my education and my other certifications. She indicated, no that’s not right; she showed me where in the coming school year my job would no longer exist. God is with me; I can’t believe that I didn’t just freak right there. We talked several minutes and I told her that the particular position she wanted to put me in would mean $2,000-$3,000 cut in my salary. She saidshe understood but she was just looking out for me to make sure I had a job. I thanked her profusely; I told her I might be willing to go back to school to get another certification. If I do that I can retain my same pay but I would be working in a content area of which I have no interest. We concluded our conversation and she left to go to her meeting.I haven’t said much to anybody since I talked to her. I think I am in shock but I am glad I know early. From what I have been told our school district is prepared for this sort of thing and they have promised to work with those of us who are displaced to get us to another campus where our subject area may be needed. Of course, I realize that this means they will guarantee me a job; but not necessarily the same type I have now.When I took this job; I went back to school for my fourth teaching certification. Even though I indicated I would go back and get another one; that has left a bad taste in my mouth. I am looking at classes that will allow me to do something outside of the classroom. I just need to get some hours fast and be identified by my district as someone who can be placed in this position. I must say all of this has me a little overwhelmed. It seems that I am definitely at a crossroad.So do I allow the district to place me, hopefully in my same type of job or do I push past that on into the territory of trying to get a new job?One thing I can definitely say is that it is time for a change. I knew that but my complacency would have kept me in the place that I know and not looking beyond. The closer I get to my next birthday the faster life’s experiences seem to be coming at me. I heard someone say, “Nothing just happens.” I believe that. There is a reason, something I being prepared for…All I can say is that when I get there I am going to be really good.So if you ever been in this place of “Now What” leave a message and let me know how you made through to the other side.

2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Hey Joleeann,

    First, thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Never really thought any one but friends and family will be interested in reading my stuff. Hope you are at least having a good laugh now and again.

    I also noticed that you have Life on Avenue Z (Beth) on your blogroll. Not sure if that’s how you got to mine, but Beth and I are really good friends.

    So, you are at a crossroads. I can tell you that I have been in that place many times. I can think of at least 7 times in my short life (I am 35) and no time was easy, and it does not get any easier. I do not mean to discourage, but I think life is not meant to be easy as much as being able to live your life and part of that is aking the decisions to which path you want. If everything was easy, would you feel the same when you accomplish hard things and overcome challenges? That euphoric feeling that makes you feel that you can do anything.

    Concerning the job situation, I can tell you that I am pretty conservative, in the fact that I need the financial security, although there was one crossroads that I was actually homeless, which I think made me even more conservative because I do not want to be in that position again.

    For me, I would take whatever job and use it to take your time in looking for another job or at least one you would want. Also, knowing that you will be leaving your job, you can plan to start saving money.

    Beth may say to you, just leave and everything will be ok. You are going to live your “dream” and do what you want. Either way, we would both say you need to do want you like and not stay in a job that would make you miserable.

    Beth and I have degrees of how we look at life although we both will eventually get to the same place. Knowing yourself, and knowing what and who you are. Beth is more carefree and I am more conservative, but we like each other nevertheless.

    So, I think you have to ask yourself, what are you like? More conservative and need the security? Or more on the edge and living dangerously?

    I made it through all my crossroads, and I am sure you will also. Each crossroad I find out something about myself and keep doing so. I am experiencing life, no matter how scared I am, but I know I have friends and family to support me.

    I hope you have the same. One thing that either pushed me or made me feel safe, was my last resort. My last resort was that I would move back with my parents back in NY. Like I said, I am not sure if that was my safety net or what really pushed me to “succeed”.

    If you find yours, you may feel more secure in your decisions.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Ingrid! What are you doing here? This is funny. I just popped over to Joleeann’s blog to check things out. Then I saw this post and felt compelled to write. And then I see that my best buddy Ingrid has already chimed in with my advice!

    I guess what’s left here is to give you a big hug, Joleeann. Things always have a way of working out — that is one thing I do know.

    Take care of yourself.


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