How do you know when it’s time to leave?

How do you know when it’s time to leave a job you have been working for a while. Is it when it is no longer exciting? So then , I gues you would then have to set about deciding what your definition of exciting is…Maybe you leave when you have taken one TUMS too many in the same hour of the same day? I know you can’t leave a job every time you get upset; because if you did some of us would never work again.

I can say I have a rather strong work ethic. I do believe in working outside of the home; if possible. I try to believe in saving some money; still working on that. I certainly believe that I should try to give my job my best each day. Especially since I am dealing with other people’s kids; I feel obligated to come in and try to help each one of them reach some level of success. However, when do you stop looking at the warm fuzzy feelings that you get from working with your friends and watching kids be kids? When do you say to yourself that this is no longer about how much you like the people you work beside and realize that all this tongue wagging amounts to is procrastination? How do you distinguish the place where you should be from the place of complacency?

 I have been thinking about this subject on off for the last couple years but not so much as I have been today. A person can only handle so many insults and innuendos before they reach their last straw. So, am I looking at the last straw or am I just having a bad emotional day; today? I guess, I’ll know more when I make it to work tomorrow. There is one thing I have no questions about. I have to keep this job until I find the next one.

Have you ever felt like it was time to leave your current job but you didn’t know where to go to next? Have you ever thought that it was time to embark on a new career area but you couldn’t decide which one? Have you ever been so afraid of making a wrong choice until you just didn’t make any decisions at all? Isn’t making no decision the same thing as making a negative decision any way.

In case you can’t tell, I am a little troubled today. If you know how I feel or can answer any  of these questions; please feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “How do you know when it’s time to leave?

  1. Hi!

    I just read your blog entry. It’s not very very recent, but I guess since it seems the last thing you wrote I can comment on it anyway…

    So… I totally understand where you’re coming from. I haven’t read any other entries on your site, so I don’t know whether you’re in a relationship or single. I guess it doesn’t really matter as to what you want to do & where you want to be professionally (although making a decision may be easier when there’s someone else around who can provide for a little while). I’ve found myself in the place you’re in right now, some years ago. I got more and more frustrated with my job, but even more so with my then-colleagues and boss. As for me, I’m in a solid relationship. I explained my situation and my feelings to my boyfriend. He told me that if I wasn’t happy with my job, I should quit and find something else, something I would be happy (again) doing. Fortunately, it didn’t take me that long: within 3 weeks I was doing a similar job, with different co-workers and a different boss. I’m still happy about my choice to leave the other ones, although occasionally I run into them (still). I’m aware of the fact that not every partner may be react relaxed, when it comes to changing working places or whatever. I think I’m a very happy person because of my hubby-to-be. Anyway, I would like to hear from you. Perhaps you’ve already made up your mind? Either way, I’d like to know what decision you made!

    Take care!

    (about me: I’m a 30 yr. old from the Netherlands. I trained to be a teacher in primary school, but then prolonged my education at Twente University, where I studied educational science & technology for 4 years. Since May last year, I work as a educational policy officer (which also means that I develop training/course material and stuff). Next to that, I teach children in primary school for several days a week. If you like to learn more about me, just send me an e-mail. I’d be happy to reply!)

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I needed to see that I was not alone. This has been a challenging time for me; but I know that this is part of life and I must not get stuck dwelling on this alone.

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