Let’s Decide; Who is the Best James Bond?

It is definitely holiday time in TV Land. How do I know, because there is nothing on TV. So I turned to “Spike TV” and there was a series of James Bond, 007 movies on. I really like those movies, even with the campy humor, steamy sexual encounters, and over the top special effects; I like these movies. So, the typical nerd that I am, I grabbed my mom’s laptop, and googled James Bond. I came up with the “trusty” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,  website and an entire history of the James Bond character including the names of all the men who have played this illustrious fictional man. So here they are:

  • Sean Connery (1962–1967; 1971)
  • George Lazenby (1969)
  • Roger Moore (1973–1985)
  • Timothy Dalton (1987–1989)
  • Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
  • Daniel Craig (2006–present)
  • I was looking at this list and although I had no urge to see the last entry starring Daniel Craig; I have seen the other five men in their various outings. The idea of a blond Bond is just not as appealing to me. I may rent the DVDand check him out after writing this. My own personal favorite is the original, Sean Connery. Still a sexy man of way past 50. There will never be another James Bond quite like him. Of course, if you read the article; you will find out that the Sean Connery we see today needed a little bit of polish before he became the Bond we know and love. My next favorite is definitely Pierce Bronson. I loved him in Remington Steele. His character in that show displayed some of the same campy humor and cutesy sexual innuendos that are definitely the hallmark of a Bond man. If I had to pick a third, it would be Roger Moore. There is not a whole lot that I know about him; but he is acceptable. Who is the best Bond in your opinion? Leave me a comment and let everyone know… See ya next time.


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