Black Friday

I think I am finally rested from Black Fridayand now I am just exhausted from work, you know, like normal. I was at home with my mom and we really do enjoy our early mornings after Thanksgiving together. Since, I am trying to seriously start recovering and maintaining my finances; my first thought was I will not go get a payday loan to shop. Yes, I am guilty of having done that before. My next thought, I will not just buy things because they are incredibly cheap or just because I am delirious at 4am. I was fairly proud of my results for this year. I kept the buying to a minimum. I made some choices that won’t have me running back to the store to return them and get my money back. I still bought one item that was really cheap at Wal-mart; but it was something I have had my eye for a while and it was less than $50; so that wasn’t too bad. So, now I am back to the land of reality. I need to get back to taking my lunch to work; go to bed before midnight; stop procrastinating and startsaving some money for a couple of summer trips I’ll be going on in 2008. That’s quite a tall order; so for now, I just went to Church’s and got the greasy chicken special complete with 2 extra biscuits. Perhaps, I’ll get the rest of my life back on track tomorrow. One thing I did remember over the Thanksgiving break is that I am thankful for the life I have and the family that is in it. That thought alone lifts my spirits and makes a lot of my other problems seem small. Finally an idea that works!


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