Two Friends or Foes?

Have you ever had two friends who will talk to you but not to each other? I have two such friends and here lately there antics have been driving me up a wall. At first I would try to listen to each of their sides objectively, try to calm each one of them down, bridge the gap between them and then try to restore the peace. Here lately, I have decided that I must be more firm with both of them. I really think I should recommend relationship counseling for both of them but I will let that wait for now. I am having to remind them of the virtues of talking things out with each other and not just talking to me. It has been a learning experience for sure. I have really had to question whether these people were truly my friends. When I talk with each one of them they always want to know if I have told the other one the same thing; I always say yes and they always say they don’t believe me. I keep thinking, “If you don’t believe me, why do you call me and ask me?” No one seems to consider my feelings in any of these situations. They just continue to tear the other one apart and want me to agree with them. This particular situation is one in which everyone agrees that I have been unjustly judged. However, everyone wants to call and tell me how stressed they are about the situation; as if I am not upset. Then they want to tell me how it’s probaly the other one’s fault. I do not believe I have seen two grown women act this way. It just amazes me how by the end of each conversation I am accused of taking the other friend’s side. Today, I had to ask,”Hello!, Is anyone thinking about my feelings?” Once said, that actually felt much better and I think I got a littl relief just from moving the complaints off of me and back on to one of them for once. I have to remember, I have a right to have a bad day and that if you are my friend, you are able to love me and tolerate my faults. I have to know that it is ok for me to express what I feel and not to hold things in so that others can feel ok at my expense. This too shall pass. This is just another stepping stone on the way to Living Out Loud!


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