iPhone Lust

I must confess. I really want an iPhone. I have been a Palm Treo girl for the past few  years but when I actually held and iPhone in my hands I was in love. Don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Treo 755p that is not even a year old yet.  Yes, I knew the iPhone was coming before I bought the Treo. It just never occurred to me that I would even be close to thinking about leaving Sprint or that I would ever consider putting my Treo down. The cost of the iPhone was a definite put off factor for me but then they went down on price and I started drooling at the prospect of having my own. I have been able to determine the need to wait until at least February 2008 when Apple promises to have a program fix so that the iPhone can easily use and add third party software. I am not ready to invest in an a phone with no third party apps(games, etc.) to download. In the meantime I will continue playing with my Treo until I figure out just what I want to do.


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