LifeStyle Change and 2 Cinnamon Melts, Please

At least several times a day something reminds me that I have about 50 or more unwanted pounds hanging on my rather short frame. I am glad I have a shape but it still could stand to lose about 50 pounds. At course, right about now, I would accept a just a swift 20 pound drop as long as I didn’t have to be sick or anxious to make it happen. It isn’t that I don’t have a clue about what to do. I have some great ideas and then I get even better ideas… Like today; when I decided to go to McDonalds for a “healthy” cheap dinner, not because I don’t have food available at home; but just because I didn’t feel like cooking. On my last trip to the grocery store I bought some steamed, seasoned vegetables, some new Bertolli’s dinners that look very tasty and some nice boneless, tender chicken cutlets. But who wants that when you can have chicken nuggets. Yeah, that’s it and I got the kids meal because that will be less fries. Then when I got to the drive thru this strange voice also told the cashier to add 2 cinnamon melts to that order. So, who is the other one for; me of course. I was supposed to wait until tomorrow to eat it. Fat Chance, I ate it just before I started typing this. Now my only consolation is that I have only had one soda today and quite a few glasses of water. Maybe that will help to weigh out the sugar rush I feel right now. Well, it is almost time for bed so now I get a chance to go to sleep on my full stomach of sugar and starch and start over again with my lifestyle change when I get up in the morning. I keep telling myself that changing my eating habits is not a diet but a lifestyle change. I just haven’t started to believe what I say, yet. I will be triumphant. This does not have to be so hard to do. I want to be 2 sizes smaller by February and down 40-50  pounds by July 2008. Anyone on the this weight loss journey with me let me know. My goal is to be Living Life like I see it in my head by August of 2008 and to do that I need to drop at least 40 pounds. I can do this and I am starting again, tomorrow. BTW don’t foget to turn back your clocks one hour.


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