Shall I get a pet, yet?

So, I have been thinking for a while about getting a pet. I know it will be a dog. I really want a little dog. My heart is set on a Yorkshire Terrier or a Long-Haired Chihuahua. However, just when I think about going to get one; I find myself not at home until really late. Or I find myself stuck at home, not even wanting to go outside. Neither one of those is conducive to getting a pet. Then I get to thinking that maybe I don’t need to go get a dog. My thoughts usually make it back full circle by the end of the day and I start thinking I do want a pet. I have found a few breeders and I try to check  I teeter between go to a breeder of finding my new friend in a rescue shelter. The thought is once I get the pet/new friend I will fall in love and will be more than willing to go out and take my dog out to exercise and have fun. Ok, sounds good but all I ‘m doing is still thinking about it at this point. What good is that??? I haven’t figured that out yet.


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