So I’m starting a blog

Yes, that’s right. I finally stopped lurking around in blog world and decided to jump in with a real blog of my own. This is REAL blogging. Different from the blogging I have done on eBay, where I was basically trying to get people to hang out at my store. Here I am supposed to, I intend to write about life or anything else that I choose. Here I should be able to lay it all out on the line. Here no one can see that I am sitting in my PJs, eating lil smokies, dreaming about ice cream, thinking about taking off from work tomorrow for no good reason and still I am nervous. Why am I nervous? This blogging thing is kind of like a date. I wonder if our discussions will be fun and meaningful. I wonder if what I have to say will even be interesting. I wonder if this “date” will be good enough to get a second date. I am thinking about just how honest I can be with a complete stranger. I could go on and on but you get the idea. So, I waded through all of that. Changed my design theme, colors, name of the blog and almost changed my mind about 30-40 times. Sounds like a date right? So its the final minutes before I get ready to walk out to the car (hypothetically speaking) and I know for sure I am going to do it; going to go on this date and here I am. Here you are. Your still reading so I guess we are off to a good start. The more people who tune in the more motivated I think I will be.

My real hope is that while writing I truly began to live life like I see it in my mind’s eye. You know, normal, almost like Law and Order without the murder. Which one you say; any of them will do…You get the point. Anybody with some advice; an uplifting word or just a life of their own is welcomed to chime in at any time. Thanks for reading; see you again soon.


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